Knowing that it is very difficult for any investment manager to consistently outperform the market over a long period of time, we embrace a more passive approach to investment management.  The primary philosophy being to gain broad-based exposure to the overall markets and use the least costly vehicles to do so.  This approach ensures that our clients earn the market returns and equally importantly, pay the minimum amount to get it.  To obtain this exposure, we prefer the use of low-cost and tax efficient ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and/or Mutual Funds.  Long term performance is attained by continually monitor these funds to make certain they remain the best fit for our client's needs.


Everyone has a different tolerance for risk.  Some people embrace it while others tend to avoid risk.  There is no "correct" level of risk, only the correct level for you.  We'll make an assessment of your individual risk tolerance and construct a portfolio that will help you achieve your goals while still allowing you to sleep at night.

  • Risk assessment using state of the art systems customized to evaluate your personality.
  • Sensitivity analysis of your financial plan to determine the impact of adverse market conditions.


Once a comfortable risk target has been determined, we'll go through a multi-step process to create a portfolio that is suitable to your risk tolerance while maximizing your investment goal expectancy.

  • Begin with a macroeconomic view to assess the risks and opportunities in the current markets.
  • Construct a broad asset allocation framework across asset classes and markets.
  • Within each of these areas, we choose individual investment funds to ensure proper diversification.
  • Most importantly, we review the funds, the asset allocation, and the economic environment regularly to make certain your portfolio is always fine tuned to properly suit your needs and objectives.

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