The saranap name

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Harkening to a bygone era, the name, “Saranap” describes the geographic region between the towns of Lafayette and Walnut Creek in California.  In 1911, an inter-urban commuter rail system connecting Oakland with Sacramento ran through this area and the local station, located near the present day intersection of Tice Valley and Olympic Boulevards, was named after the railroad developer’s mother, Sara Naphtaly.  Along this well traveled corridor, transportation progressed from horseback to railroad and eventually gave way to paved roads with automobiles. The use of the name has declined over the years but the popularity of this passage remains to this day...a testament to the original trail pioneered by travelers over 100 years ago.

Our progression through life bears a striking resemblance to the evolution of this trail to track to road story.  Our primary life route remains unchanged but the methods by which we travel the route evolve constantly.  At Saranap Wealth Advisors we continually refine our tools and strategies to keep up to date with the latest technology and investment theories.  We keep abreast of current economic data, any changes in tax and estate laws, innovations in retirement planning strategies, and all of the accompanying investment opportunities these changes present.  We focus on all of these things so you don't have to.  Instead, you can focus your attention on enjoying your journey through life.

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